Spiders and authors

With the house upside down because of building work it’s hard to be able to
concentrate on writing. That’s when Drabbles come in handy- Short Fiction of exactly 100 words excluding the title.

I gaze at the laptop, needing inspiration for my next blockbuster.
My publisher is exerting pressure, telling me it needs to be riveting, superior to my last top-of-the-list best-seller, and ready for publication by Friday.

With my brain in free-fall I browse social media for inspiration. I notice a spider industrially weaving its web in a corner of the room. Watching it, I realise I should knuckle down to some housework; the place is a tip.

Duster in hand I reach up, only for the arachnid to tell me ‘Come on, you’ve heard of the world-wide web. Now get writing.’

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