I’m not well off, but I have a roof over my head, food on the table and enough to pay my bills. Correction, I am well off. Having a clear out I was astounded at the amount of ‘stuff’ I have that I never use. Everything from computers, nick-nacks and electrical goods I no longer need, …

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When I was an archer, a friend challenged me to write a short story that included both Vampires and Archery.  As we are in the Halloween season this seemed an appropriate time to post it. Vanda was hungry, very hungry. This wasn’t surprising as she hadn’t hunted for four days, and even that had come …

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‘ABC Destiny’ -Book signing

My first Book signing. Excited, nervous, panicking and looking forward to it, all jumbled together. At least the problem of what to wear (well, I am female) 😀 has been solved. With the builders over-running,  all my clothes are still buried in black sacks under piles of rubble. Plaster-coated trackies and dressing gown it is then. Perhaps …

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