Sitting on the fence

war photo 11.11.15I feel for the genuine refugees. How much courage does it take to get in an overflowing boat to escape from unbelievable horrors and trust in your God, whatever you might call him, that you will be saved and reach a better life.

Then again I see the scum demanding they be housed, fed and given benefits that are denied to our veterans, who have fought and gone without, in order to make England free and prosperous.

I appreciate there is propaganda and falsified reports stirred up by the haters, but I am shocked by the reports of the ones refusing to accept the country rescuing them. Is rioting and demanding to be taken somewhere the pay-out is better a true way of showing gratitude?

Am I naïve in thinking that if I was desperate to escape from an oppressive regime where my family was in danger, I would be grateful for the hospitality of the first country that gave me sanctuary?

Are our own pensioners insisting on being taken to a country purely because there are better benefits?

One of the things I love about England, my land of birth, is the compassion and acceptance of different cultures and nationalities. If you come here to try to get a better life, and work hard to be able to send money back to your family, you have my blessing.

Over the years Jamaican, Indian, Chinese, Polish and many other nationalities have integrated and laboured, which means I can get on a bus, have a takeaway, get my house decorated or buy a lottery ticket. Many work and scrimp themselves to send their children to University, so if I need a pharmacist, accountant or a Doctor there is someone there to help me.

On Social media it is often difficult to differentiate between political correctness, truth and misanthropy. I’m beginning to understand how my parents and grandparents felt during the Second World War.  What to believe?

poppy 11.11.15On this Armistice Day, remembering those who died so we could be free, I pray they won’t be turning in their graves that everything they fought for is lost while we procrastinate.

There is a time to be compassionate and a time to be brave, as our forefathers were.

2 thoughts on “Sitting on the fence

    1. Very unusual for me to be a ranter Rick. (Actually that has a nice ring to it- perhaps I should change my name)
      Verbal Voinks, Venomous Voinks- Theme for a new short story Methinks. 😀
      Be warned, I will hunt you down properly, once I can find a seven year old to explain how it all works. x


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