The Villian

What do you think? Was the punishment sufficient or will he re-offend? People of a certain disposition will understand the importance of this crime.   I am so ashamed. My solicitor advised me to plead temporary insanity and for a while I was tempted. A long day and being tired was no excuse. I knew …

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I was trying to concentrate on proof reading my next book today when I was interrupted. At least it provided inspiration for this Drabble. (A short story of 100 words exactly.)   Definition of a Robot 'A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds  automatically to the commands of others.'   I love being a robot. Ring, ring. Pick up the phone, but say nothing. Silence, …

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Poor mouse author

The perception of authors is that they must be rich if they can afford not to have a 'proper' job. 😀 The reality is that they enter short story competitions with the aim of winning a few pounds to help towards the cost of the next cartridge for the printer.  If there is an entry …

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Memories behind closed doors

Have you ever looked at an entrance and wondered what lay behind it? This photo, courtesy of Lee Malta of 'Photographs Malta' was my inspiration for the following story.  The last time I visited the land of my ancestors I was very young.  I had been born and brought up in England, and hate to think …

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Office Party – Part 2

                                Part two When I posted my 'Christmas Party' story a lot of people wanted to know what happened next. This is the follow-up. Make sure you read the previous blog first, although hopefully this short story will stand up on …

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Tribute to David Bowie

  David Bowie 11.1.16 I was saddened, but somehow not surprised to hear of the death of David Bowie. My quandary was whether posting a blog was ‘jumping on the band-wagon’ which I hate, or sharing memories from a guy I knew in my teens/early twenties. I worked in the local branch of a national …

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The Christmas Party

Yes, I know. Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away, and the shops will soon be selling Easter eggs, but I actually started this story in the party season. It was so well received I had to do a follow up for the back to work repercussions. That also went down well and …

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