Aydin’s story

One of my tests as an author is to be given 5 Random words and have to write a short story including them.  
Another is to write a Drabble- exactly 100 words excluding the title.

A smarty-pants nephew thought he would make it impossible by
challenging me to write a 5 random words Drabble.  
His words were
Inchoate, Superfluous, Ignominious, Christmas and Lackadaisical.

He has now got some serious grovelling to do. 

Aydin’s story

Tralleis believed Christmas was superfluous; no need to wait for December to see family and give presents. He found it ignominious to have to pretend to be thankful for the ubiquitous reindeer socks or Santa jumpers received from elderly, decrepit relatives.

After all, he was now an adult, not some inchoate child. St. Nicholas was consulting with the elves about what Tralleis should receive. Unfortunately Hermie was a lackadaisical creature, so instead of researching he just made something up. That’s why Tralleis was on the naughty list. No presents for him this year. Serve’s him right for being a clever-clogs.


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