The Villian

What do you think? Was the punishment sufficient or will he re-offend?
People of a certain disposition will understand the importance of this crime.  

coffee_&_book 28.1.16

I am so ashamed. My solicitor advised me to plead temporary insanity and for a while I was tempted.

A long day and being tired was no excuse. I knew I had to get up early in the morning but that was no justification for my heinous crime.

The trial was unusual in that instead of twelve good men and true, my felony was offered up for judgement to a group of over five thousand members to decide my fate.

I shivered as I listened to the suggested punishments. They ranged from being put in the stocks, beaten with the object of my criminality, and losing everything I held most dear, to total annihilation.

It was only when I listened to the proposed chastisements that the full extent of my delinquency came home to me. I had a full twelve hours to ponder and fret before the verdict was delivered.

Now was the moment of truth. Judge Janet had listened to the submissions, pondered on the recommendations and had reached her verdict.

I stood before her a broken man, head bowed, resigned to whatever destiny had in store for me. As the extent of my sentence was revealed optimism burned anew, and I dared to hope for the future.

Twelve months restitution to the victim, one month’s loss of privileges, and community service in the provision of contributions was a small price to pay.

I had learnt my lesson.

Never again would I put my coffee cup on top of any book.

I was a marked man, next time I might not get off so lightly.



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