Blood and lineage

I wasn’t like the other horses in my family. They say it was because my mother escaped to the mountains one night, when the moon was full and magical beings were dancing in the glow of its silver light. Although she was recaptured our owners weren’t pleased. She had a long pedigree, and the sire …

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The Table

This short story was inspired when a friend posted several pictures of tables (the furniture kind.) An everyday object you might think, but the first showed a young couple at a romantic dinner, the second a happy family eating together, and the final, poignant one an empty table. This was my interpretation of the story …

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Enchanted Cottage Part 2

When I posted my Enchanted Cottage story several people wanted to know 'What happened next?'  Make sure you read Part 1 posted last week first! After a few minutes dithering in total shock my practical mind kicked in. The first priority was to stop the water from the broken pipes flooding the place. Prising the …

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Enchanted Cottage

A fellow blogger Riley J Froud recently posted her story of fairies being trapped in wooden logs. This inspired me to write my own version which ended up going in a totally different direction. The witches were to keep Jo Roderick happy. Enjoy.  Enchanted cottage The cottage we bought was ancient, hidden away in a …

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A tail of love and life

Although I wrote this about a year ago it still brings a lump to my throat whenever I read it. This is my sentimental anniversary week so I hope you will forgive me and enjoy the story.  For reasons which will become obvious there is no accompanying picture for this one A tail of love …

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