ABC Destiny

I’ve been so busy writing short stories I’ve neglected ‘promoing’ (is that a word? It is now) 😀 my second published book

ABC Destiny by Voinks. Available on Amazon

Trying to think how to describe what my book is about I saw this brilliant review. Thanks so much everyone who takes the time to comment. It really does make all the hard graft worthwhile. 


ABC Destiny cover   6.12.15

Here is what they said:

“i first heard about this book on a Facebook book club as it sounded like my type of book so I decided to buy it. All I can say is I am NOT dissapointed. This book is A MUST BUY. I thought the character development was superb I was left feeling like i could connect with most of the characters in the book. the story line and plot was very original and imaginative. I also liked how the author pulls all the characters together in one way or another. I would Deffinatly reccomend this book to other people 😀  I was left feeling that the book was giving me a strong message to trust my instincts and never give up no matter how bad things can get”

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