Film Crew

My 5 Random words series is where I am given the words and challenged to write a short story incorporating them. A recent suggestion was George Clooney, petticoat, ski shoes, Africa and potato stock. The mind boggles, but this is what I came up with. Enjoy. 😀 There was total havoc on the set. The …

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Bed socks and broomsticks

It's surprising how everyday comments and events can be the inspiration for a story.  Have you encountered the 'missing sock' syndrome, or visited a preserved property and been intrigued by the gadgets of yesteryear?  If so this story is for you. Photos courtesy of Paula Harmon. National Trust property Kingston Lacey.  Lacey was excited. Grandma …

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Where the heart is

A great incentive to writing is when readers throw you  5 random words and challenge you to come up with a short story. Apart from being great fun they make every story unique. Last year I wrote several which I published on my Facebook  author page I've recently had a new challenge with the words …

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