Where the heart is

A great incentive to writing is when readers throw you  5 random words
and challenge you to come up with a short story.
Apart from being great fun they make every story unique. Last year I wrote several which I published on my Facebook  author page

I‘ve recently had a new challenge with the words
Horse, walking stick, an enormous beehive, a recluse, loaf of homemade bread.

Here’s what I came up with.

beehive Where the heart is 20.3.16

I was a born and bred city girl, brought up in a metropolis and accustomed to rush hour traffic, crowded trains and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

After yet another blazing row with my boyfriend we decided to go our own ways.  Out of a sense of rebellion I booked a solitary holiday instead of joining him at the jet-set venue he had arranged. Using a pin in anger to select a destination is not always a good idea.
I’d hardly heard of Slovenia but Google came to my aid once I had clicked the ‘Confirm’ button.

Although it had a continental climate it appeared to be very mountainous and forested so despite being young and fit I decided a walking stick might be a good idea. Arriving at the middle of nowhere airport was another challenge. Perhaps I should have booked an all-inclusive tourist package with courier and taxi transport to the hotel, instead of rebelling against all our normal cosseted-traveller arrangements.  Luckily I spoke a bit of Italian, but soon switched to English when I realised the population were generally able to speak three or four languages as a matter of course, saving me resorting to my school level means of communication.

The adventure continued when after some discussion I was told my transport was available and waiting outside. A horse drawn carriage was not what I was expecting, but it was a balmy evening and the drive to my holiday cottage was magical. Although not five star luxury the accommodation in the complex had a rustic charm, and the smell from the loaf of fresh, home-made bread as I entered the chalet made me realise how hungry I was. In a pot on the stove was a dish of stew which I polished off before even attempting to unpack.

That night I slept like the proverbial log and woke in the morning full of beans and ready to explore my new surroundings.  Wandering through the grounds I suddenly came across a series of enormous bee hives. Fearful of being stung I decided to retrace my steps to a safer environment. At that moment a wizened old man appeared and greeted me in almost perfect English with just a trace of an accent. As we got chatting he explained the importance of the honey bee to civilisation, and I learnt that without them the world would cease to function.

This holiday was beginning to open my eyes to how much I had missed by staying introverted in my own little world, albeit in one of the most densely populated capitals in the world. I stayed on well after my two week break and now live here permanently. My old friends accuse me of becoming a recluse, but I have the Internet to keep in contact and have adapted to the simple life I love.

Such is life that it took a silly argument to make me realise where my soul truly belonged.

If you liked this and have your own 5 random words, please post your ideas in the comments and I’ll see what I can do to produce a new short story inspired by you. Thank you. 😀 


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