Crystal Palace

After my local team's narrow defeat in the F.A. Cup last week against Manchester United it started me reminiscing about the area. For those outside the UK this might not make much sense but here are a few snippets of useless information about Crystal Palace, which is in South East London. First of all there is no …

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If we can't get on with our own species, what chance would we have with aliens? Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? When you consider the myriad of stars, how can there not be? We are mere embryos in the grand scale of evolution, and even in the time I have been …

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At the bottom of the Garden- Part 2

The continuation of my short story. Please read Part 1, published on Wednesday first.  It was Titania. Carefully picking her up I noticed one wing was twisted and lying brokenly at her side. Suddenly I remembered Gloria’s parting comment and was sure that the ‘bug’ her evil sidekick had caught was my beautiful fairy. For …

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