If we can’t get on with our own species, what chance would we have with aliens?

Aliens  20.5.16

Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? When you consider the myriad of stars, how can there not be? We are mere embryos in the grand scale of evolution, and even in the time I have been alive there have been tremendous changes.

We created transportation to investigate other universes. I don’t know why they are called ships; ships go through water and we are not fish.The first explorers were heroes, but they never returned to receive the glory that was their due. Personally I believe there were many others who took similar trips but the rulers kept the disasters quiet.

It was not until there were successful landings on foreign planets that gradually the news came out, and bit by bit we were informed of the achievements. I remember the announcement. At first it was just hearsay but eventually it was confirmed; we had encountered our first alien species.

The rumours were rife. Would they look like us? Would we be able to communicate with them? Would they understand our culture and traditions and hierarchy? At first it was difficult to get accurate information. Gossip abounded, although it was subsequently revealed to be based on fact.

It was true that they were at least a hundred times larger than us. Their genetic make- up was totally different. Despite that there were many similarities; they had male and female the same as us, they procreated in the same way. They were family orientated, bringing up their young in a similar way and trying to teach them the same things we had learnt from our parents.

As an intelligent species we were willing to listen and learn, to try to ignore the differences and look at the common aspects. We would do everything in our power to discover some way we could exist together in harmony.

It didn’t quite work out like that.

Although initially we had managed to reach their solar system first, they had also developed space travel and ended up as visitors to our planet. We tried to greet them and show our hospitality, but with the differences in our sizes it wasn’t easy.

The boffins in our culture had developed a communication translator and were eager to try it out on our guests. When the aliens landed we put our wonderful machine close by, and adjusted it to compose a long speech of welcome.

Everyone gathered at the site. We all wanted to say we had been there on the historic occasion when we met and communicated with an alien species for the first time in our history.

At first it seemed as if there was a problem with the sound levels. Being so much taller than us it was possible the sound couldn’t reach to those heights. We would need to increase the volume.

Our experts worked long and hard, doing everything in their power to extend hospitality to our bizarre guests. We tried to communicate and get them to understand our language. Nothing seemed to work. However hard we tried they remained distant and remote, unwilling to reach out to us as we had reached out to them.

The day came when our whole race was nearly annihilated.

One of our braver compatriots decided the only way to get through was to meet them face to face. He left the shelter of the long grass and crawled out until he was right in front of one of the aliens.

“Ugh, Bugs. I hate Bugs,” said the human as he stamped on our brave fellow citizen.

Horrified, others of our group rushed forward.

“There are hundreds of them. All little black creepy crawlies.”

That was the last thing most of us heard as the human aliens started stamping and crushing all my friends. I only escaped to continue the species because I rushed back to the safety of the long grass.

I became leader, and my first edict was to have all our inter-galactic equipment destroyed. Never again would I allow my species to get close to humans.



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