Pesky Characters

One thing that has surprised me since I became ‘authorish’ is the amount of support you get from fellow writers. Not only do they provide inspiration but also practical help.
My first two books ‘Changes’ and ‘ABC-Destiny’ were traditionally published, but for my next novel I am considering taking the self-publishing route.

Discussing various aspects with a fellow author we naturally went off on total tangents involving naked characters. 😀  That was the stimulus behind this short piece, and a way of saying thank you.    

Pesky characters clip art letter 4.6.16

I loved my job but sometimes it had its trials and tribulations.

Trying to control so many different characters was not easy. They would wake me in the middle of the night demanding attention and there would be no peace until I got them settled.

Any thoughts of an ordinary routine soon went out the window. If I started cooking they would become needy and my careful plans would be ruined. Without me and others like me, the burnt saucepan replacement people would have gone out of business long ago.

Trying to keep all the different shapes and sizes looking respectable was a nightmare. There were the tall, skinny ones, the short fat ones, the ones who tried to spread everywhere, and the ones who liked to be on their own with plenty of empty space surrounding them. Occasionally they all played together nicely, but more often than not one would run off and I would waste hours coercing them back into their proper place.

Then there were the ones who kept repeating themselves and copying the others. Once or twice I didn’t mind, but like young children on a car journey saying ‘Are we there yet?’ -well, you get the picture.

Finally I managed to get them  in order; all correctly organised and looking pretty on the right page, in the proper chapter, under the appropriate heading.

Now all I had to do was get my masterpiece printed which should be the easy bit. It was not to be. The formatting gremlins had got in and added their own havoc.

Just as well ‘Format it Yourself’ by author Jo Roderick has now been published to show us how to train those pesky words.



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