A newbie writer on an author’s site I belong to had hit the proverbial Writer’s block, and someone suggested he pick one of the following prompt words to get him motivated;
Mushroom, South, Memory, Silence, Leaves, Letters, Flash Fiction, The city, Spirit, “It was a wrong number that started it,” Path, Movement.
Being industrious (translation stubborn) I couldn’t resist writing a story incorporating ALL the words and phrases. This is similar to my 5 Random words series but more challenging. Let me know what you think, or even give it a try yourself.  😀


Glancing along the path leading to the south of the city I struggled to remember my reason for being there. My memory was not what it used to be, and although the spirit was willing the arthritis in my hip made walking any sort of distance difficult.

Stopping to get my breath I listened to the soft sounds of the leaves trembling in the breeze, and watched the movement of insects scurrying home before nightfall. I might be getting on but there was nothing wrong with either my hearing or my eyesight. If only my mind could keep pace I’d be a happy man, but the constant cacophony of noise in the highly populated area made me struggle to keep up.

As if on cue the sudden silence triggered the brain cells and memory came flooding back.  I needed to get some shopping; potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, milk, pasta, cream and bacon. The long list tripped off my tongue without having to resort to the paper that I now remembered I had tucked into my coat pocket.

I decided to make my first port of call the post office. There were several letters I needed to post; most were bills but the important one was to the Flash Fiction magazine so my competition entry reached them before the deadline.

It was a wrong number that started it.  The literary agent had reversed the two final digits and phoned me by mistake. Before I had a chance to explain he was berating me for leaving it until the last minute before getting my submission in the post.

Luckily I had been lucid when he called and was able to take down all the details. I just about had time to write my story but forgot to keep a copy. I hope if I win it will be one of my good days and I will remember that I actually wrote it.


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Thanks for reading. 

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