The Laundress

What do you call a collection of authors? Havoc! 😀
As usual when a group of us got together a topic for a short story arose –
in this case 
a mad, rebellious laundress.

This is my contribution.

laundry 25.5.16

OK I admit it. I was never much good at school and was always a bit of a rebel. Without qualifications it was difficult to get a job, which was how I ended up working in the laundry of a hotel. It was hot, dirty work, not very well paid and the filthy state of some of the guests’ underwear, well, I’ll leave it to your imagination.  What made it worse was this was no run-down flea-pit but a 5 star hotel in a major city where millionaires were ten a penny.

I worked hard and got on well with my boss. When he retired he decided to pass the business over to me lock, stock and washing machines. Although I was confident and experienced in the actual work I had never had to order supplies, take on employees or deal with payroll, insurance or Health and Safety regulations.  I made mistakes even though my old boss was there to guide me in the early stages, but gradually things started to work out and I even expanded the business.

Instead of being stuck in a damp basement I took out a lease on a purpose built unit, obtained the contract for a major hotel chain, hired drivers, and set up a collect and delivery business. The recession hit; it was a struggle but I survived and came out the other side leaner and stronger.

When I look back at the rebellious laundress of my teens I have to smile. I’m now amongst the Top 10 richest women in the UK, but despite all my wealth and designer clothes I still have the reputation of being slightly mad.  I make a point of visiting the laundries whenever I stay at one of the many hotels we own all over the world.

The moral of my tale? Don’t let lack of education hold you back. Work hard, never give up, listen and learn and take the occasional controlled risk.

Oh yes, one final thing. Marry a millionaire.
That definitely helps.


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