From the corner of my eye

Another in my Random words series where I am given 5 words to weave into a story. The words were Love, Leg, Spin, Bucket and Mirror. I hope you enjoy it. You know that feeling when you see something in your peripheral vision but as soon as you spin round it disappears?  It had been …

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Book Reviews and Pizza and Chips

My blog this week is in two parts. The first is to open a discussion on how authors can get reviews, and the second my usual short story. I'll be honest; I run the blog and my Facebook author page predominantly as a means of publicity for my two published books; 'Changes' (Amazon ref 1848972997) …

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Earth Report

Steampunk definition: A genre of science fiction typically inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.  I have adapted the original story as a reflection on the recent atrocities.   Aeons have passed since we had our first inkling of the existence of ‘Earth.’ Our technicians had worked out the mathematics, and in …

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