Earth Report

Steampunk definition:
A genre of science fiction typically inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. 
I have adapted the original story as a reflection on the recent atrocities.  

Aeons have passed since we had our first inkling of the existence of ‘Earth.’
Our technicians had worked out the mathematics, and in a short while we will be landing and able to explore this civilisation.

Members of our fact-finding mission have been allocated specific areas, both geographically and culturally to examine. Although we are all part of the same entity with immediate access to all communications, we have allotted a specific time to consider reports without other thought distractions.

Day one:
We discover many incomprehensible things. There is no automation for their transportation system. They have however managed to grasp the basic concepts of the technology which has transported our superior race to this far-flung outpost.

Day two:
Parts of this universe are scorched by the sun and show barren deserts, while others are ice locked or over moisturised. Some crops rot before they can grow, others don’t have enough vapour to survive. There is still a vast amount of sea but there is a designation between those living on the earth, in the air or in the water. How strange that they haven’t adapted to the various environments.

Day three:
The noise is unbelievable. People issue sounds instead of using thought transference. We were surrounded by a cacophony of reverberations, which we were unable to identify. Much appears to be communication, but some is at a higher pitch which hurts our little-used hearing receptacles.

Day four:
We examined their machinery and after some deliberation were able to determine the usage. The amount of energy they expend on the simplest of tasks causes us some bemusement. Their ‘museums’ with dated exhibits give us an indication of how many millennia are needed to bring them to even a basic understanding of their universe.

Day five:
I think we were all a little envious of 847/*#968481X2.  His remit for the ‘Victorian’ era of ‘England’ has shown the greatest period of development in the shortest time period. The unit investigating first century ‘Greece’ tried to prove superiority for their eon but was overwhelmingly outvibed.

Day six
A disturbing day. We discovered the inhabitants use weapons to kill their own kind; everything from firearms to their transportation machines, which unbelievably have no anti- collision regulator.

There is still the division of entities with an uneven distribution of wealth, and a culture of striving for more despite having sufficient for their needs. Natural resources are controlled by some and wasted by others. This causes emotions of both jealousy and hatred; something long gone from our own world.

Day seven:  Summary
Given a few millennia it is possible humans might be permitted to join our Universal Council of Beings. For now we have discovered they have changed little from their ancestors, and have not learnt the lesson of taking sufficient for their needs, leaving enough to regenerate.

It has been an enlightening voyage.




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