Star explorer postcard

I love entering short story competitions and find inspiration from hints, comments and photos on social media.

This story came about from a writing prompt involving a postcard from a park.  I like to give my short stories a different twist so this is what I came up with. 

Earth re star exploer 5.8.16

From: Star explorer 857
To: Base

Hi. We’ve arrived.

Some of the seeds combusted on entry but there’s enough left to start the planting tomorrow.

The chimps all seem in good spirits although they’re making a racket after their enforced confinement.  Tests on the atmosphere are fine so with a bit of luck it won’t be long before we’re back in a more natural habitat.

Good news; one positive result to report already.  In accordance with regulations we’ve only explored within a 500 yard radius of the ship but have discovered a small lake with what appears to be fresh water.  Surroundings are boggy but show signs of natural vegetation growth.

For now we’ve set up basic facilities but everything looking good. Normal reports will follow by usual means but so excited.

Houston-I think we have a winner!

John Park 1189/7GTFM/864-SE857



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