Beyond the Glass Part 2

Several people asked ‘What happens next?’ after I published my short story last week, so naturally I had to oblige. 😀
You might want to read my post of the 11th September first, otherwise it won’t make sense. There again, who ever said stories have to be sensible.   

passage mirror 31.8.16

Tumbling and screaming it seemed an age before my feet finally hit a solid surface. It was pitch black, I was alone and oh how I wished I had listened to my father. I vowed if I ever escaped I would never misbehave again.

‘You say that now, but do you mean it?’ asked a voice behind me, scaring me out of my wits.

‘Who’s there? I can’t see you.’

‘Of course you can’t, you silly girl. How can you see darkness? Take my hand and I’ll lead you into the light if it worries you so much.’

Something slimy and cold touched me but with no other option I hung on and found myself dragged along a passage over rough stones until finally I bumped into what seemed to be a heavy wooden door.

‘There you go. Have fun,’ darkness said as my eyes gradually adjusted to the light beyond. I turned to thank him but he was gone. Moving hesitantly, at first I could see only a huge, empty room until a high pitched screech assaulted my ears.

‘An Outsiderworlder, and a girl at that. Come here child, so we can all see you properly.’

Unseen hands pushed me from behind until I looked up into the face of a parrot sitting on a throne and wearing a sparkly crown. On seats surrounding her were a variety of animals, a wise old owl, a sly fox and a gaggle of geese, who I assumed were there to sound the alarm.

‘Don’t stand there gawping,’ the doyenne shrieked. ‘Give me my present?’

‘I’m sorry,’ I stuttered, ‘I haven’t got one.’

My ears were assaulted by a cacophony of sound as a thousand voices uttered their shock at my announcement.

‘No present?’

‘Is she stupid?’

‘She comes before the Queen and doesn’t bring a present. Is she mad?’

Although I was trembling I couldn’t help defending myself.

‘No, I’m not stupid. I didn’t ask to fall into the mirror and end up in this horrible place. I want to go home.’

‘She said the M word.’

‘Beyond the mirror; she’s saying she comes from beyond the mirror.’

‘I thought it was a fairy tale. Do you think it really exists?’

‘Is she real? Poke her and see.’

‘If you touch me I’ll give you a slap’ I retorted, stamping my foot. ‘Now find some way to get me out of here.’

For a moment there was deathly silence and then everyone started talking at once.

‘I want to see the world beyond the mirror.’

‘Can it really be true? Is there life out there?’

‘If she came in, we can get out, but we’d have to cross the corridor of non-light first.’

‘But we’d get eaten by monsters.’

‘There are no monsters,’ I shouted, ‘only darkness. The problem is how to get back up to the top.’

‘We could fly up,’ said the owl, looking sage.

‘But what about me,’ I asked, ‘I haven’t got any wings. If I had I wouldn’t be sitting here listening to you making silly suggestions.’

There was silence for a few moments then a small voice at the back suggested ‘The Count could carry her up if she really wanted to go home.’

There were a few gasps but I was desperate. ‘If he can help me, find the Count so I can talk to him. I want to go home.’

They were as good as their word. Less than an hour later the Count appeared and after leading me through the passage of darkness I climbed onto his shoulders and was flown back up the shaft that had descended me into this nightmare. Balanced precariously on the wrong side of the mirror I scrabbled to find the catch that would allow me to return to the other side and back to my family.

‘It’s a miracle.’

‘Praise the Lord, she’s unharmed.’

‘Call the Doctor while we get her to bed.’

More voices, more noise, but these ones I knew and loved. I was safe. I was home.

I never ventured into the forbidden room again. After two weeks I was back to my normal self and enjoying the fuss and attention from my family.

But tonight there was a full moon.

My teeth hurt, the Count was summoning me, and the smell and taste of warm, fresh blood was calling.

© Voinks August 2016

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