Dragon’s revenge

This was inspired by a prompt asking how the main characters in a novel first meet. Rather than respond with the facts from my current novel in progress it seemed logical to introduce a dragon. 

This is his story.


It had turned into one of those days. First I got up late, then rushing my breakfast I filled up with the wrong fuel which gave me indigestion all day.  Trying to go about my business I got caught up in a fairy demonstration demanding equal rights. As usual the goblins had to get in on the act so they started a counter demonstration blocking off all the airwaves.

The gremlins were supposed to be keeping order but in their normal way only succeeded in making things worse. I got caught in the middle of it and ended up with pepper spray on my wing which stung like hell, even through my thick skin.

When I finally got to the den for work my boss was in a bad mood and kept me late, so I hit the rush hour on the way home. Air works were causing the usual hold-ups and the elves were too busy dancing and singing to organise the traffic.

When another dragon cut me up, clipping my wing and dislodging my mirror I let rip and blasted him. Typically it was a Viking Troll who came to take details, and insisted my identification should show both Runic and Latin translations following the latest directive from the International conference under Section 586, sub section three billion and two.

When I protested it had only been passed a millisecond ago he insisted ignorance was no excuse, and it wasn’t his fault the Witches had mucked up the distribution spell. He insisted on breathalysing me, and of course with the fuel mishap this morning I came out over the limit.

‘So that’s the whole story your honour. By the way you might want to look at the labelling on your courthouse. To say the structure is ‘flame resistant’ is misleading.’


© Voinks September 2016




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