Friends, Promos and book birthday

When I first joined the realms of authorism I was amazed at the support from the established writing community. If I knew then what I know now….   

It was around 5 years ago that I realised writing a book was the easy bit.
My novel ‘Changes’ a romance intertwined with my love of a Mediterranean island was accepted by a publisher and released on Amazon.
Now all I had to do was sit back, watch the royalties roll in and become a best selling writer. Er, not quite…

I entered the mysterious realms of Marketing, Blogs, Web sites, Facebook author pages, Reviews, Editors, Kindle, Self-publishing, Formats, Fonts, Copyright, Designers, Book covers, Proof reading, Marketing lists, highs, lows, Pen names, ISBNs, PLRs, Beta readers and Book Signings.

Through it all there were more experienced authors who had suffered the same frustrations, and rather than sneer at a newbie’s efforts offered support and advice every step of the way. They cheered at my every small success, encouraged me when it all seemed too much, and many became good friends.

The 30th September 2016 saw the first birthday of my second novel
ABC Destiny and a change of genre for me. A mystery/thriller with a twist.

The anniversary has reminded me of the need to concentrate of my third novel, provisionally entitled ‘A Murder of Changes’ and yet another change of genre.Watch this space for news of publication, hopefully early next year.

Meanwhile I continue to write and share short stories every week on my blog and FB page  in the hope that people will enjoy reading them and leave a comment.

Feedback is so important to any writer, making the lack of sleep worthwhile when the writing gremlins take over, demanding to be heard.

Finally, I would like to give a shout-out to some of my fellow authors who have had their own books released recently. (I’m still learning about links so you might have to copy and paste into the Amazon site or your browser to bring them up properly. Any guidance is always appreciated.)

Whatever your reading tastes I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy. Check them out, feel free to share and thank you for listening.


Paula Harmon 


This is a collection of funny, sad, thoughtful stories about the world beyond the obvious.


Liz Hedgecock 

A jar of Thursday

Fingers Molloy has beaten Sherlock Holmes once. Can he do it again? Crime and British detectives genre.


Julie Eger

Eeeny Meeny Criminy Crow

Can a crow predict murder? Fantasy genre.



Jane Maxwell

Just another African adventure

Love against alcoholism set in the background of the turbulent and changing 1970s Africa.


 Michael Forester


A bardic epic fantasy in rhyming Old English, an allegorical masque of good and evil in an Authurian tradition.



Seumas Gallagher

Deadly impasse

5th in the Jack Calder crime series. The author is a kilt-wearing, award-winning blogger with some very peculiar friends. 😉



Rick Haynes

Evil Never Dies

Medieval fantasy. Unlikely heroes, Gods and a touch of humour to lighten the darkest days.



Yasmin Selena Butt

Gunshot Glitter

This doesn’t fit neatly into any category although murder, suspense, crime  and even  romance all have their say. Told from the point of view of a female assassin.



Jo Roderick

Format it yourself

A guide for all prospective Indy writers to teach them all they need to know if they want to try the self-publishing route.—step-ebook/dp/B01GARM58G

I hope you will read and enjoy some or all of these books (including mine) 😀
Remember, even if you don’t buy them on Amazon you can still leave a review there.

On behalf of authors everywhere. Thank you. 




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