Printer’s blood

An author friend was in despair at the amount of ink her printer used, which naturally inspired this alternative option. 😀


‘Mum. The printer’s out of ink again.’

‘Well what do you expect me to do about it? If you will insist on reproducing all that rubbish the humans post it’s not going to last very long is it? It’s about time you learnt to make it yourself instead of always relying on me. I’ve got better things to do.’

Guess it was down to me then. Luckily I was able to milk a passing Unicorn to get a beautiful shade of silver-grey; the dragon was more difficult but I ended up with enough blood-red Magenta. Reaching up to some passing clouds I grabbed some blue and white, and although I nearly burnt my fingers the sun provided the yellow. Night-time gave me the black I needed and I was all set.

Lining up the little people I poured one vial of each colour down their throats and went back to browsing the GoblinFeatures web site. When a particularly gruesome photo came up I didn’t hesitate; a prod to the ribs of the blue cartridge-person, a poke in the stomach of the yellow and the perfect shade of nauseous green spilled out.

All I needed now was the quill from a gryphon’s tail, and my new career as a creative artist could begin.

© Voinks November 2016

(No Virgin’s blood was used in the production of this copyright notice.) 

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