A story with a message for Christmas. I hope you all get the important things you need. 😀


Jack: ‘Hello Bill. Haven’t seen you for a while. How’s it going?’

Bill: ‘Hello Jack mate. Not too bad thanks. The Mrs had a bit of a fall the other week and fractured a bone in her leg, so I had to take over the housewife duties for a while.’

Jack: ‘I can imagine you in a pinny. I’ve just been up to the cemetery; it would have been Ethel’s birthday today so I took her a few flowers. I couldn’t believe the price of roses, I suppose it’s because of Christmas coming up but it would have taken half my pension to get her a couple of dozen. Still, she was a good lass and I’m sure she’ll be happy with the ones I got. She always said it was a sign of the summer coming when she saw snowdrops.’

Bill: ‘Know what you mean Jack. The gas and electric bills seem to go up every month. Still, mustn’t grumble. At least we’ve got a roof over our heads and a bit of food on the table. It’s the kids I feel sorry for. All they have is their phones and gadgets and it’s not safe for them to just run about outside and let off steam like we did when we were young. I’m often tempted to climb a few trees but the old pins aren’t up to it now.’

Jack: ‘Yes, I remember you were always a bit of a scamp. Don’t know how Mary has put up with you all these years.’

Bill:  ‘Yeah, she’s another good ‘un. Don’t know what I would do without her to be honest. You must miss your Ethel. Look, why don’t you come over for Christmas dinner with us. Mary would love to see you and we can have a good old natter about old times. It won’t be much but it’s the company that makes it special. Better get moving now though. Got the grandson coming over later so I’ve been sent out to the shop to get a few bits for his tea. If I don’t get back soon she’ll have my guts for garters. Take care and don’t forget about that Christmas lunch.’

Jack: ‘Yeah, you too Bill. I might take you up on your kind offer. It gets a bit lonely on your own sometimes. Bye for now.’


Peter: ‘Mum. Do we have to go to granddad’s? He smells and it’s boring there; they haven’t even got a decent TV and his flat is always so cold. It wasn’t so bad when Nan used to cook our tea but now she’s stuck in that wheelchair the food is horrible. Can’t I stay here and play my computer games? It’s not even as if we’ve got anything to talk about, and he always tells the same old stories I’ve heard a million times before.’

Mum: ‘You know they love seeing you Pete, and it’s not very often.  I just want to check Nanny is OK after her fall. Come on, the sooner we go, the sooner we can get back. Anyway, you know they’ll probably have a Christmas present for you.’

Peter: ‘Yeah but what they buy is a joke. Who wants a knitted jumper? I wouldn’t mind if it was some decent trainers or something. They’ve got no idea. Can’t you tell them?  You know the ones I want.’

Mum: ‘Yes, and I know how much they cost as well. You earn some cash from your Saturday job. Have you ever thought of buying them something for a change? Even a card would be nice.’

Peter: ‘Nobody sends cards any more. They haven’t got a computer so how can I send them a message or a Tweet? Come on then, let’s go. I need to be back by 4. I’ll wait in the car.’

Mum: ‘I’m not taking the car. It’s only five minutes’ walk and it’s a lovely day. A bit of exercise will do you good.’

Peter: ‘You are joking. Nobody walks any more. This is getting worse by the minute.’


Christmas Day:

Jack: ‘Bill, Mary, I can’t thank you enough for having me over today. It’s been wonderful to spend it in your company and I love the jumper. Just what I need to keep me warm these chilly days. It’s been the best Christmas I’ve had since I lost my Ethel. God Bless you both.’

Bill: ‘It’s been great having you Jack. I can’t remember the last time we laughed so much. Your charade for ‘Gone with the wind’ is something I’ll never forget. And thanks for my tobacco. I’ll think of you every time I light my pipe.’

Mary: ‘And I’ll think of you every time I step on the scales and find I’ve put on another pound after eating those chocolates you bought me. How did you know they were my favourites? Now come and give me a hug.’

Jack: ‘It wasn’t much, just a token to thank you for your hospitality. Thanks for a wonderful day.’

Bill: ‘You take care now, and Merry Christmas. See you again soon.’


Pete: ‘Mum, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.’

Mum: ‘Why don’t we play the board game Nan and Granddad bought you? We used to have lots of fun playing Charades when I was a kid.’

Pete: ‘Nah, that’s boring. I’m going up to my room to play some proper computer games with my friends.’

Mum: ‘OK Pete. Merry Christmas.’

Pete: ‘Yeah, whatever. At least I’ve got some decent trainers at last.’

Mum: ‘A thank you would be nice.’

Pete: Yeah, thanks.


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© Voinks December 2016




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