Igor the spider

This was originally intended as a silly story after joking with some author friends about the importance of writing over housekeeping. For some reason it turned into something deeper with a message. May your cobwebs always shine brightly with the glow of friendship.


Igor was always miserable. He spent his whole life complaining about anything and everything, and if there was nothing to moan about he would invent something.

He didn’t like his house mates but he refused to move out.

He didn’t like the food, always saying he could do better, but he never offered to share it with the others.

In fact the only time Igor was happy was when he had made everyone else depressed. He had the knack of starting an argument, then when he had wound everyone up walking away and leaving them bickering. Eventual they got wise to him and just stayed out of his way.

Although he would never admit it Igor was lonely. He wanted the others to like him but didn’t know how to keep their attention, so he started weaving a web to be able to have a conversation while they were trapped.

Unfortunately the only thing he managed to catch was flies, and they were never spicy enough however much pepper he put on them. He became obsessed and determined to cover the whole of the house with a network of fine silk. Like his ancestors who had been around for millions of years he was a brilliant architect and designer.

Luckily the humans in the household were more interested in the World Wide Web so he was able to practice his craft in all the hidden corners where they were too busy to clean. It took a lot of energy to create his masterpiece and sometimes he resorted to eating the strands to replenish his strength.

Not all of the fine threads were sticky; after all he had to be able to walk along them himself to create his beautiful patterns. Gradually Igor got so involved in his task he forgot to be grumpy, and he was surprised when the others crept closer to admire his work.

It was nearly Christmas and a tree appeared in the front room which he usually avoided as the humans lived there. If they saw him he was likely to be squashed, but he couldn’t resist the lure of the green branches providing the perfect platform to continue his masterpiece.


Finally he was finished. Every branch was linked with intricate designs stretching from the base to the ceiling, and for a while he was happy looking down on his work of art. There was only one problem, because the filaments were nearly transparent the short winter days meant they could only be seen for a very brief time. Igor began to get despondent again, even though his house mates tried to cheer him up by saying Santa Claus would be arriving that night.

They were all excited but the spider wished the beauty would not disappear in the dark of the night so that everyone could enjoy it for longer. The fairy sitting on the top of the tree overheard him and called up to him.

‘Igor. Do you realise that’s the first time you have asked for something nice for someone else, rather than always being selfish? So tonight I will grant your desire.’

With that she waved her wand and hundreds of tiny lights illuminated the Christmas tree.  The prism-like structure of the silk fibre refracted the light from every angle, and produced a radiance of different colours making the room look magical.

At last Igor was happy. What had started as a trap was now a thing of beauty for everyone to enjoy.

 Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

© Voinks December 2016




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