The Man

This story was inspired by the photograph which you may interpret as a father and his daughter out for a pleasant evening walk. It struck me as more sinister and actually sent a shiver up my spine. 


At first it had been fun walking through the woods and listening to the crunch of broken branches under my feet but now I was getting tired. The man had smiled when I pointed out the rabbits scuttling through the undergrowth, or laughed at a squirrel running up a tree when he heard us coming. I wish I could climb like that. Once I had played on the climbing frame in the park but I fell and grazed my knees. It was alright though because Mummy had cuddled me and kissed it better.

When I tripped on a loose stone and fell over the man hadn’t been nice. He had just dragged me up, and taken my hand to pull me along with him. He had long legs so he could walk much faster than me. I started to cry but he just shouted at me to hurry up. The only time Daddy had raised his voice was when I ran into the road chasing my ball, and a car came very close and nearly hit me.

Although Daddy was upset he told me he had only shouted because he was scared I would get hurt and have to go to the hospital. After that I always remembered to look left, then right, then left again as he taught me. I like to sleep in my own little bed and teddy will be lonely without me.

I told the man I wanted to go home now because teddy would be missing me and I was hungry, but he said it was only a little bit further.  The lake was lovely but it was getting dark and there weren’t any ducks or swans as he promised. He was hurting my hand and I was scared.

I want my Mummy.


© Voinks December 2016



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