Writer’s Procrastination

This might ring a few bells- and not just with authors. 😀


Oh the joy of leaving the business world with all its stress and politics far behind me.

From now on I could be my own boss, working on my writing, creating wonderful stories and becoming a best-selling author. My name would be up there with the best of them; the title of my books on everyone’s lips, interviews on TV, I would be a celebrity and with the royalties rolling in would never have to worry about the bills again.

As an entrepreneur I knew I would have to speculate to accumulate, but I never appreciated from my office days just how much printing paper and ink cartridges would cost. Never mind, it would all be recouped when I became famous.

There is a saying that work expands to fit the time available. Rubbish. They have just never understood the concepts of time management. I had worked a ten hour day, run a household and still found time for keeping fit and socialising so this would be a doddle. Even if I spent eight hours a day writing I would still have time for everything I had done before, plus an extra two hours free as time spent commuting was a thing of the past.

Computer ready, let us begin.

Relishing that extra hour in bed I had passed my usual toast and coffee time, so perhaps a treat of a full English breakfast would be good for the brain cells. I had no intention of becoming slovenly; washing up the pots was a necessity before I could settle down to writing. Except I had run out of washing-up liquid, and come to think of it the larder was empty. Not a problem. It wasn’t as if I had to brave the horrors of commuter early-evening shoppers at the supermarket. Monday lunchtime it should be quiet, so before venturing out I added a reminder note on my laptop for future Mondays to be my day to stock up.

What to wear? Got to keep the standards up. My good jeans, cashmere top and warm but smart jacket should fit the bill. When did that button come off? It shouldn’t take five minutes to fix once I found my long neglected sewing box. Last time I saw it was in the spare room. Back upstairs; I had forgotten how much junk was actually stored in the box room. Look at these old photograph albums; must get them scanned and onto the computer.  Find the needle and thread, fix the button, another job done.

Back to the computer to add a quick reminder to clear out the spare room, and another for the end of the week to sort out the photos. While I’m here I might as well set out the timetable for when I am going to do what, which would be more time effective in the long run. Just call me Miss Organised.

My inbox shows a couple of e-mails, better to deal with them now. One from Jane. Haven’t heard from her since she moved down to Devon.  Great. She’ll be in London next week and suggesting we meet up. Not a problem now that I’m working from home; enter into my schedule, send reply saying I’d love to, put reminder to confirm details for Tuesday. Now to start writing. How easy it is when I’ve got time on my hands. Oh, she’s replied already. Quick catch-up chat then I can get on.

Two o’clock, that can’t be the time already. Better make myself a sandwich for lunch. Oh, I’d forgotten the washing up from this morning, unlike me not to do it straight away. No washing-up liquid. By the time I get changed and drive to the supermarket all the kids will be coming out of school and it will be packed. OK. I can go as I am to the corner shop instead. It might be more expensive but it won’t hurt for once.

Two hours to buy just one item, ridiculous. Well actually it wasn’t just the one thing. I couldn’t resist those fresh cream cakes from the bakers next door, and while I was out I booked the hairdressers. Got to look good for when I meet up with Jane. It wasn’t my fault if the stationers happen to have the latest edition of the ‘New Author’ magazine I’d heard so much about. It will be useful for my research, and winning the monthly competition would be good publicity for my new career.

I’ll just have a quick browse while I’m drinking my coffee. That looks interesting. I’ll make a note of the final submission date and jot down some ideas for my entry. While I’m here I might as well start up some new folders to keep all my writing stuff in one place. Just enter the date into my reminders and I’m ready for action.

Damn. That coffee is going to stain unless I wash it out quickly. While I’m at it I might as well get some washing going. Only half a load is uneconomical so I could strip the bed today and do it all in one go. In fact I think I’ll make Mondays housework day, quick note in the reminders while I remember. See, totally organised.

‘Conflicts with another entry in your calendar.’ Oh yes, I was going to make Mondays supermarket day. Fine, I’ll just switch the shopping to Tuesdays. ‘Amend and save.’ ‘Conflicts with another entry in your calendar.’

Tuesday I’m meeting Jane. Change shopping day to Wednesdays.

The washing! Dash upstairs, strip bed, load machine, remake bed. I really need to organise the linen cupboard so I can find things more easily. Some of these sheets are so old they’re only good for rags. Maybe I should buy some new ones?

Go online to browse for bedding. Those look good; they’ve even got matching curtains. That would be nice. Place order for both; remember to enter cost into financial spread sheet, got to watch the pennies now I’m not getting a regular wage packet. Check e-mail confirmation for delivery date; easy-peasy now I’m home all day. Delivering Wednesday, wait that’s shopping day. OK change it to Thursday instead.

Washing’s finished, fold it ready for ironing. Just remembered, I haven’t checked the post box yet. Bills, junk mail, more junk mail, no thanks I don’t want pizzas. Electric needs a meter reading. Remove junk from under the stairs to be able to see the numbers. Another thing that needs sorting; I’m sure there’s a better place to keep the Christmas decorations. Back to computer, input figures, read and file confirmation e-mail.

That can’t be the time, nearly 7 o’clock. I’d better start thinking about what to cook for dinner. Perhaps just this once… now where did I put that pizza leaflet? Browse a bit, order online, do the washing up from this morning. Check confirmation e-mail for meal delivery time. 8.30? Ridiculous. No actually it’s already gone 8. Better get the cash ready so as not to keep him waiting. How much did they say it would be? Read rules and regs to find out about delivery costs. Discover I haven’t got any change anyway.

I enjoyed that but tomorrow I’ll cook something properly. Have a quick check of the larder to see what I’ve got in. Problem, shopping day is not scheduled until Thursday. I’d better make a quick pit stop tomorrow, just as a one-off. Make a list while I’m about it, better to be organised so I don’t waste time.

Nearly eleven. Too late to start writing now. Never mind. I’ll just read my book for half an hour or so then bed, and make an early start tomorrow. That oven could do with a good clean, and those shelves are a bit dusty. Maybe I’ll do them before I start on the box room and clearing out under the stairs, oh and I mustn’t forget about scanning the photos.

It’s just as well I’ve got all the time in the world to write without having to worry about going to the day job.



© Voinks February 2017



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