The Stone

I saw an article from a geological magazine about stones and rocks. Realising how little I knew about the subject, I did some research and was amazed at the varied uses and importance of this inanimate object. stones-167089_960_720 24.3.17.jpgI’m just a stone- nothing important.

Yet I’m used to make a wall, providing protection from the elements, the rain, the wind and the cold.

I mark the limits of your domain, setting out the boundary for the property you have worked and saved and slaved for, as you made a home for yourself and your family.

I’m in the garden and fields, providing a base for flowers to grow and brighten your day with their colours and scents.

I offer protection against the tide. Without my presence the forces of nature would take over, and the wild seas flood the land.

I’m crushed and coated with bitumen to provide the paths and roads you need to visit your loved ones.

I’m mixed with other elements, and valued in industry, farming, manufacturing and many important aspects of your life.

I am the polished symbol of love, set in a never ending circle.

I’m used in water treatment, animal feeds, plastics and household products. Without me your life would be very different.

I’m a memorial, commemorating your loved ones, and paying tribute to the heroes of war who gave you freedom.

I am beautiful glass, tiles, ceramics and paints, enhancing your home and bringing beauty to your life.

I’m the sand on your beaches and the make-shift posts for the children playing football.

I am strong, yet nature and the passage of time can grind me down.

So when you see me, remember my words and appreciate me for what I am.

I am a stone.

© Voinks March 2017

6 thoughts on “The Stone

      1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford

        I’ve been trying to lose some stones. (I think that means weight, because in England the last thing you want to lose is a pound)

        Liked by 1 person

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