I’ll remember you

A recent pensive mood coincided with a thought about song titles. I’ve always loved Elvis and this is a beautiful song to inspire reflective memories.

graveyard remember you pink-flower-980061__34023.4.17

I’ll remember the smell of grass and the scent of the flowers, long after the summer is gone.

I’ll remember the aroma of Christmas and needles from the fir tree, mixing with the brightly coloured wrapping paper strewn across the living room floor. Happy times when the family was together, sad times when there was an empty chair.

I’ll remember my first childhood friends, and occasionally search for them on social media, wondering what they are doing now.

I’ll remember a favourite book, the characters and the fantasy, even though thousands of other words have long since taken their place.

I’ll remember a long forgotten song; the first few notes recreating the scene, the people and the vibrancy of youth.

I’ll remember the landmarks in history; the assassinations, the wars, the deaths, the discoveries, the births and the opening up of whole new fields of knowledge.

I’ll remember dancing until exhausted, but then unable to resist dancing some more until the morning sun chased away the darkness, and it was time to go home.

Sitting on the bench I gaze around at the rows of headstones, each one someone’s memories.

I look down at your name and the dates engraved on a piece of stone; my mind is full and my heart overflowing.

I’ll remember you.


 © Voinks April 2017


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