Mary Poppins and other words

I love writing challenges and this was a fun one for my 5 Random words series. The words I was given to incorporate into a story were;

Supernatural, Crime, Tulips, Mary Poppins and Jelly babies.

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It was finally Spring and the daffodils and tulips were raising their smiling faces to the heart-warming sun. After all the months of cold, miserable days and grey skies it was lovely to take the dog to the park and feel the fresh air on my face.

Rex was happy to be out, so I took off his lead and let him chase around to expend his built-up energy while I sat on the bench. People always seem friendlier when the sun is out, even if it’s not very warm and there’s a chill wind blowing. Total strangers smiled and said ‘Good Afternoon’ and ‘Lovely day’ as they went on their way.

‘Do you mind if we share your seat?’ a young mother with two toddlers asked. A month ago she would have hurried past with her head down, eager to get home after picking up the children from play school.

‘What a beautiful dog’ she said as she petted him. Rex was a big softie but I considered putting his lead on in case he bothered the girls, who were obviously twins. I needn’t have worried. He was as good as gold while the youngsters cuddled him, and his only reaction was to return their hugs with big, sloppy kisses.

‘They are always begging me to get a dog,’ my new companion told me, ‘but we only have a flat, so it wouldn’t really be fair. Do you live locally?’

‘Yes, I’ve lived here for over 30 years,’ I replied. ‘It used to be a lovely area but just lately there seems to be so much more crime. I’ve always had dogs but it’s sad that now I need him as much for protection as for companionship.’

‘Mummy, can we have our sweets now please?’ Looking rather embarrassed the Mother dived down into her bag and produced a large packet of Jelly babies for the girls. ‘I know I shouldn’t,’ she said, ‘but they don’t get many treats and these are their favourites.’

I was impressed that both girls said thank you to their Mother. They had obviously been properly brought up as they happily shared them between Rex and themselves.

‘Is it OK for him to have some?’ Mum asked, worried that the dog shouldn’t be having sugar.

‘Well a few won’t hurt him,’ I smiled, ‘and as you say, it’s not very often.’

With the three of them engrossed in their treats, Julie and I were able to indulge in some adult conversation. She told me her husband had died in a car accident six weeks before the twins were born, but she often felt his presence when she was at her lowest ebb.

As sometimes happens with total strangers we began discussing things that even our best friends did not know about us. We both believed in the Supernatural and that there were things in this life beyond our understanding.

‘My name’s Mary’ I said in response to her query. ‘I was born a Smith and then became a Jones when I got married. Like you I was a widow but I lost my husband in the war. Five years ago I met up with an old friend from my youth. I was undecided about marrying again after I lost my first husband, but felt his spirit encouraging me to be happy as he gave me his blessing.

‘Joe’s family name “Pepis” originated in France during the Middle Ages, but over the years has been changed to something the girls might recognise. Last year I accepted Joe’s proposal so I’m now Mrs Poppins.’

Just then the heavens opened and we both decided to run for home to escape the rain.

‘Nice to meet you, Mary Poppins,’ Julie called as we headed for  separate exits. ‘Perhaps next time you could bring your umbrella?’



© Voinks May 2015

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