I’ve always found it odd that for one third (supposedly) of our lives on this earth we are off in the land of Nod. I can understand sitting down to give our legs a rest, but our brains are always active so why do we need to sleep? Perhaps this is the answer. 

Insomnia good-night-18.7.17

Another night with no sleep. I’m so tired, my eyes are gritty and heavy but just won’t stay closed. The bed is uncomfortable where I’ve been tossing and turning. Should I get up and try to re-make it, or just lay here in the hope I can drift off.

I feel hot. Throwing off the duvet I let the cool night air touch my skin, then feel chilly and throw it back over me again. I turn on my right side but the faint glow from the street lights outside my window hurts my eyes. Lying on my back feels dangerous, as if it exposes my heart to a demon’s dagger. I try the right side but then I am facing into total darkness, and I’ve already spooked myself out imagining horrors under the bed. Although I’m an adult, I find myself wishing Mum and Dad were here to make me feel safe, and cuddle me until I drift off into peaceful dreams.

I lift my head and turn the pillow over to the cooler side in the hope that will help. A few minutes later I turn it again but now my neck doesn’t feel comfortable. My eyelids droop and finally I think I might get some rest. My bladder calls. Sighing I roll out of bed to use the bathroom. The mere act of having to put one foot in front of the other has woken me completely, and I know there’s no chance of sleep now.

The sound of the kettle breaks the silence of the night as I make hot chocolate with plenty of milk. It’s never worked before, but it’s better than taking tablets so perhaps it will help.

I need sleep.

The house is silent, and even though it is carpeted my footsteps sound deafening as I go back to bed.

Bang! Just a car door slamming and the sounds of people calling goodnight to each other. I glance at the clock and the luminous hands tell me it’s 3.45 a.m. I wonder where they’ve been until this hour, then remember my youth when I often crept home as the sun was rising, after partying all night.

Sleep. I MUST get some sleep.

Finally, sometime after five I half doze, knowing that in not much more than an hour the alarm will ring its strident tone, and zombie-like I will have to rise to start another day.


‘Is she asleep yet?’

‘Almost. She’s in that half and half stage so you can’t take over for a while.’

‘It’s not fair. She’s meant to have sixteen hours awake and leave me the other eight. That was the decree. Why is she so greedy?’

‘That’s just the way it is. You have to share. Don’t forget, when she was a baby she slept nearly all the time and you were awake. Now it’s the other way around.’

‘I suppose you’re right. I guess I was better off having the existence when we were young and there was still so much to learn. Now we’re older I quite enjoy having plenty of sleeping time while she’s conscious. I wish she would do it properly though. I’m just ready to take over and she wakes up. Then when I’m settled to nod off she drifts off to sleep again. It’s unsettling. I never know when it’s my time.’

‘That’s one of the things about getting old. Because she’s not so active she can’t sleep at proper times, then because she’s tired she takes cat-naps during the day, so you have to skedaddle.’

‘I wonder what would happen though if we were both awake at the same time?’

‘That my spirit friend, is when you both join the Endless sleep.’

© Voinks July 2017


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