Silver fox

I’m delighted to announce that my first book ‘CHANGES’ is on Amazon count-down from this TUESDAY 29th AUGUST until Saturday 2nd September. What this means is the price will drop drastically on the first day, gradually increasing over the period until it reverts to full price when the countdown ends.  In other words, if you …

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Toxopholist’s revenge

A short story inspired from when I was an archer and shot every Sunday.  Fortunately there weren't many Phil's, although they did exist.  😉  Most archers were supportive of newcomers; Phil wasn’t one of them. He was the sort of person I normally tried to avoid whenever possible. His sharp tongue complained about everything, and he …

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Going home

I've always loved the sea, and this original piece of artwork matched the story perfectly.  The storm appeared from nowhere. One minute the elite of society were partying under the stars on the millionaire’s yacht, the next they were diving below deck for shelter from the raging torrents. Designer gowns worth a fortune were ruined …

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Giggles in the night

 ‘Mixed feelings: When you're working at your desk in the dead of night and you suddenly hear your 4-year-old giggling in his sleep.’ This comment inspired the story, but I hope the actual event had a happier ending.  Even though my own kids were grown up and living away from home, I could still remember …

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