A Day in the Life

Unicorn cropped 14.9.17 IMG_0225 11.10.15

              I was honoured to be the featured author guest on the blogger series
‘A Day in the life.’

The questions asked made for a great discussion, so despite initially feeling nervous I really enjoyed it. You can read the full interview and the reason for the Unicorn photo here. 😉   Interview link

Amazon Unicorn review 14.9.17 398de2a144a0a1b67db2733f1edaed9b--book-memes-blog

I forgot to mention my first attempt at self-publishing, ‘Spirit of Technology’ which is available on Amazon now, or that I should be working on proof-reading my latest novel, provisionally entitled ‘Murder of Changes’ instead of walking (or rather hopping) around with a smile on my face.  😀

Back to the usual short stories next week. Thanks for being here and helping to feed my Unicorns.

Books by Voinks

Spirit of Technology


ABC Destiny

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