The Graveyard. Happy New Year.

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It’s been an interesting year. I’ve published my third book- my first attempt at self-publishing, been a guest on several book bloggers’ sites, written and posted over fifty short stories, and learnt a lot about the world of being an established author.

Plans for the New Year include setting up my own publishing imprint, collaborating  with a short story collection, editing and publishing two new novels, and continuing to write a short story every week. Check back regularly to see how much I’ve achieved. The occasional nag in the comments to stop me procrastinating might be necessary. 😀

Here’s my final short story for 2017. Thank you for being here, and wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2018.

graveyard snow 31.12.17 -381095_1280

Nobody ever came to this old part of the cemetery. Even at Christmas, when relatives laid floral wreaths on the newer graves to show how dutiful they were, these memorials lay unloved and untouched. Some dated back to 1800 so perhaps there was no one left to mourn, even if the wording could be deciphered to identify the correct one.

That’s why I was surprised to hear the crunch of footsteps on this dark and bitter night, as a shadowy figure walked along the once regular aisles. Time and nature had taken their toll, and I watched as a figure criss-crossed between them, occasionally stopping and using gloved hands to wipe away the hard-packed snow on the tombstones.

I sank back into the shadows as he or she, I couldn’t tell which, bent to read the wording, then stood sighing before moving on to the next one on their list. Who were they looking for? I knew every tomb in this area, and could have directed them, but that was not the way things were done.

Finally, the visitor came close to the fallen cross, and spent time carefully examining the wording, as he compared the grave with a photo in his hand. Seeing how much his features resembled mine was like seeing a ghost, which was quite ironic in the circumstances.

‘I’ve found you at last Granddad. It will take time but I’ll make it up to you. In the new year I’ll get a stonemason to repair the cross, and visit you every week until things are put to rights. The true story will be told, you can depend on me, even if the rest of the family maligned you.’

I watched as he walked away, but knew he would keep his promise. Finally I would be able to R.I.P.

© Voinks November 2017

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Thank you all for your support and visits over the year, and hope to see you here again in 2018. With very Best Wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.    

4 thoughts on “The Graveyard. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Natashya. I find graveyards quite peaceful, but wonder about the older graves when their friends and family can no longer visit, and they are left alone. 😉


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