Don’t give up the night job

A very short story this week, (which could be described as ‘flash’ fiction 😀 ), as I am working to meet deadlines for the books I am hoping to release by the Spring. This story might not be suitable for children. 

Books older readers cropped 27.1.18

It was a struggle earning enough to pay the bills, find the rent and still find time to finish writing my novel. I knew it was good, and if I could just survive for a few more months my future would be assured.

Most of the jobs for which I was qualified involved minimum wage and very long hours, then a friend suggested that with my looks and charm I would be a natural as an escort. One thing led to another, and not only did I enjoy the work but the hours suited me perfectly, the money was good, and observing the clients helped with my creative writing skills.

I built up a regular clientele of influential punters, who all promised to use their networks when I finally published my book. Life was good and my world revolved around being creative in different ways, both during the day and at night. Gradually my fame spread, until I became so renowned it was difficult to schedule my original ambition into life as a working girl.

Through word of mouth and other talents I was inundated with new patrons, but found my mind wandering while I was practicing my art. Crunch time came when a particularly prominent judge revealed inside information on a current court case, just before he got to the point of no return.

‘Yes, yes, that’s wonderful,’ I screamed as I jumped up from the bed leaving him in limbo, ‘the perfect ending for chapter twenty.’

Decision time. Should I stick with my new career or give it all up to achieve my dream.

© Voinks September 2016

Do you think this story is more appropriate for ‘older readers?’
What image does that phrase conjure up to you?

The fifty-something ‘old person’ is now more likely to be self-sufficient, out clubbing, or starting a new career. You’ve probably heard of ‘chick-lit.’ Can you come up with a title for a new genre where the hero or heroine are adjusting to mid-life, perhaps by finding second-chance love, or doing the crazy things they missed out on when growing up?

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. 

Banner photo courtesy of the Facebook Group Books for older Readers. The fact it features my first book ‘Changes’ is purely coincidental.  😉

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2 thoughts on “Don’t give up the night job

  1. Ha! Great story Voinks, I guffawed at the end.

    As for your new genre – how about mid-lit? Then when you’re stuck for something to read, you could say you’re having a mid-lit crisis lol.

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say ‘older readers’, but with that phrase, I picture 80-something, frail old folk sat in a rocking chair (that squeaks as it rocks, naturally, for the old folk would be unable to hear said squeak and therefore are not bothered by it).


  2. Pleased you enjoyed it Riley.

    Mid-Lit- Love it! I’ll share with the group as a good way of describing the genre. Thanks.
    It was interesting to see your interpretation of ‘older readers’ as 80-somethings, rather than the traditional perception of 50-somethings. Now I can picture being chased up the road by squeaky rocking chairs yelling ‘We’re not old, we’re antiques.’ 😀


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