Valentine’s day Love story

I love writing in various genres, but somehow the stories usually end up with my trademark quirky twist.  This one originated from a dare to write a pure romance story; being so close to Valentine’s day is seemed an appropriate date to post.
Did I succeed?  Read it and judge for yourself. 

valentine Hungry for your love 8.2.18-3109106_1280

She had the flu. Her nose was red from constant blowing, her stomach felt bloated, and her hair was in dire need of a wash and cut. It was a wet, miserable night, but having run out of coffee she had to make the trip to the 24-hour supermarket. Perhaps while she was there she could pick up some medication.

Snuffling and shivering all she wanted to do was get home to bed. Browsing the medicine aisle she saw her preferred remedy, but typically it was on the top shelf, and there was not an assistant in sight to help. Feeling light-headed her balance was off, so it was not surprising that as she stretched to grab the packet, the whole display came crashing down around her. With her face now as red as her nose, she struggled to put them back into some semblance of order before anyone spotted her. Mortified at her clumsiness she became aware of the arm reaching to help, before she registered the gorgeous male attached to it.

‘Are you OK? You look a bit shaken up. Why don’t you pay for your purchases while I finish putting these back, and then join me for a hot drink before you venture out again?’

She noticed the concern in his beautiful dark eyes, and although it wasn’t her usual custom to respond to chat-ups by strange men, decided to accept his offer. Not only did he restore everything back to its proper place, he even carried her bags once she finished at the check-out. Gently taking her arm he led her into the all night cafe within the shopping complex.

The hot chocolate restored some colour to her ashen face as she felt its warmth seep into her bones. The heat of his gaze made her forget her sorry state, and as they sat and chatted she realised this was the man she had been looking for all her life. Unbelievably he seemed to feel the same way about her. It was love at first sight. He took her home, made her comfortable and visited frequently while she was recovering. When she was well again they dated regularly, and she was full of anticipation when he booked a special meal for Valentine ’s Day.

Although she had only known him a few short weeks, she had no hesitation in saying “yes” when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Despite only having a few friends as guests, her wedding was the happiest day of her life.

In their luxury honeymoon suite she smiled as she remembered their first meeting. He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth as they prepared for their night of wedded bliss. Their romantic story would be something to tell their grandchildren in the years to come.


The glow from the full moon reflected off the satin sheets as he slipped into bed next to her. Turning into his embrace she moved closer for their first passionate kiss as husband and wife. That’s when she noticed his extended canines and hairy body.

Well, what did you expect? 😀 

© Voinks February 2017

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