Venus, Vs, and Books and winegums

How long is a story? Although there are guidelines, it varies by genre and even the experts don’t always agree. You might say 50,000 words or a certain number of pages, but then there are Drabbles, exactly 100 words excluding the title, ones using 33 words, and a myriad of other forms.  
Add to that picture prompts, or combining options, and not only will you have fun as a writer, but they are excellent training. Why not give some a try? Be warned, they are not as easy as they look.

Here’s some I made earlier: 

Venus Picture prompt and 33 words. Venus 18.3.18Photo courtesy of Paula Harmon

We’d noticed the stone in the park and had always assumed it was a tribute to a deceased pet; until the day the Martians landed and we discovered the gateway to another planet.

© Voinks January 2016


A Drabble combining the following, all starting with the first letter of your name;
Name: Animal: Boy’s name: Girl’s name: Something you wear: Drink: Food: Something found in the bathroom: Colour: Film: Place: Reason to be late.

Veronica watched the documentary on TV about vultures, then rushed to meet her friends Victor and Vanessa. Vic’s vest was stained with Vodka and vol-au-vents from last night’s meal, but a quick scrub with Vim managed to get it clean enough to wear.
The violet sky promised a fine day as they made their way to the cinema to see the film Voyage to the bottom of the sea. The three friends caught the bus to Valletta then started the short walk towards the cinema. The heavens opened, and sheltering from the sudden violent storm made them miss the start.

© Voinks January 2016


After all that exertion it was good to chat with Book Blogger Emma Moyle and share her wine gums. 😀 You can read all about it here:

Chatting with Books and wine gums

As always special thanks to Book bloggers everywhere for their support of writers and authors.

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