BFOR and Saturday Morning story

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As anyone who follows my blog will know, I love writing short stories. Writing groups are a great source of inspiration for new ideas, and the prompt was ‘In the style of Enid Blyton.‘ To make it more fun I did it in two parts; the first is, the second isn’t!  😀   

pink girl-25.3.18 303667_960_720

Saturday Morning. Hurrah! I put on my pretty pink dress, wash behind my ears and skip merrily down the stairs.

‘Good Morning,’ I call cheerfully to the two little birds in their cages. My house mate is babysitting them while their owners are away, and their happy chirping starts my day off with a smile.

‘Isn’t it a lovely day? Good Morning Mr Sun. How are you today? Will you stay out and help me dry all the dirty clothes?’

Mr Sun beams down making me feel all warm and giddy as I twirl my way into the kitchen. Yum, yum. Delicious cocopops and fruit juice for breakfast.

‘Don’t worry Mr Plate and Mrs Glass, I’ll soon have you clean and sparkling again.’

Happily, I lift the lid off the laundry box.

‘Oh, dear, we are rather full today, aren’t we? Never mind. Mr Washing machine will soon have you clean again, then you can dance on the line to dry off.’

I listen to the buzzy things enjoying the summer sunshine while I cheerfully spray the furniture, and dust until I can see my grinning face reflecting in the surfaces. Out come the pegs and the clean clothes dance in the gentle breeze.

Soon I will be able to run Mr Iron over them until they are all smooth, and can be cuddled up in the airing cupboard. Next I cut and chop, grind and slice, and turn all the lovely ingredients into a delicious meal for tonight. My friends are coming over and we will have such fun.

Girls and boys, please remember this is Fiction. Version two.

Damn alarm. ‘It’s Saturday, my chance for a lie-in,’ I think as I fling the clock across the room. Stumbling out of bed I throw on the nearest clothes, then stagger into the kitchen to discover the bread bin is empty. How many times have I told them to buy a loaf if they use the last few slices? It’s not much to ask.

At least I can have some coffee. The kettle takes ages to boil, and when I look inside I realise why. I add kettle descaler to the online shopping list on my laptop. Any chance of getting some writing done goes to pot while the laptop decides to download, update, and install more junk programmes I’ll never use, before it goes into a sulk and freezes.

Loading the dirty clothes into the washing machine I’m disturbed by the constant chattering of the two caged birds. I never agreed to birdsit, so how come they’re here, driving me mad with their noise, instead of in my housemate’s own room? Their din is in competition with something I at first think is a neighbour’s lawn mower, until I realise more bees and other buzzy things have flown in through the wide-open doors, and are too stupid to find their way out.

The washing machine has finished, so I lug the heavy basket into the garden to hang the clothes on the line. It reminds me to add pegs to the shopping list, as more and more of the cheap plastic things snap, and go flying into the flower beds. Naturally the sun has decided to hide, and it looks as if it’s blowing up for rain. At least there’s a breeze so maybe they’ll dry off anyway.

Crack! The wooden post has rotted from all the recent rain, and my nice clean clothes are spreadeagled all over the lawn. Naturally, this is when Mother Nature decides to throw down torrents of rain as, with a sigh, I open the washing machine to start again. It’s not to be. Add washing powder to the shopping list as the box is now empty.

Glance at the laptop to see a message saying it was unable to complete installation of the new and improved update as it’s not compatible.

Start preparing dinner for my guests tonight; knife slips, blood dripping everywhere and not a plaster to be found. Add plasters to the shopping list. Finish preparations and wonder if I can squeeze in an hours’ writing time just as the phone rings.
‘Really sorry, got flu. Can’t make it tonight.’

Stuff it. I’m going back to bed.

© Voinks January 2018

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