How to self-publish- bloggers special

It’s difficult enough being an author but running a blog is also an invaluable part of getting the word out and becoming known.

As with most things there are two sides:blue sad-emo 1.8.18 476039_1280 Should I be overjoyed at each advice of someone following my blog? You would think so, but if they are just an email address, normally ending with, no profile, no page, a mish-mash of random letters as a name, usually following the same format, and absolutely no interest in anything I write the mind boggles.

What do they get out of it? There seems to be no rhyme or reason apart from wasting everyone’s time. In some ways they are even worse than the totally irrelevant marketing blogs for ‘How to become two feet taller by purchasing the latest wonder drug, available from Outer Mongolia.’ At least they, and the ones who ask you to follow their page in return for following yours, have some purpose.

Then there are the ones who make it all worthwhile.

smiley bear type emo cropped 1.7.18 -1171306_1280

It’s always an honour to be the guest of a genuine book blogger who gives up his or her time to help authors in their search for The Golden Hind, or in this case, Hippo. 😀

You can read my light-hearted but factual account of what is involved in self-publishing here.

Huge thanks to Neats and others of her ilk who act unselfishly behind the scenes to support writers everywhere, purely for their love of books.

© Voinks June 2018

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