Mermaid’s day and ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ paperback.

I’m delighted to announce our latest book ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ is now available in paperback format. Thanks to all our American friends for the 4th July fireworks to help us celebrate. 😀 

You can find it here:
Weird and Peculiar Tales UK
Weird and Peculiar Tales USA

Staying in fantasy mode, I spent some time going through photos to find one to accompany this short story. They were mostly caricatures and I wanted a real one! Although I don’t know who she is, this fitted perfectly.
mermaid 10.4.18 -cropped 2456981_1280

The sun warmed Sirena as she sat on the rocks, combing her long hair with a conch shell. She was bored. With Kai away fawning after Poseidon, and no shipwrecks during the past week, she had nothing to keep her amused. For a while she watched the dolphins playing games before slipping quietly into the cool, green water with them. Immediately they surrounded her, wanting her to join their fun, but with a flick of her tail she sped off towards the haven of the caves. Even here there was no peace. A great white circled, daring her to come closer and become his next meal.

Exasperated, she left the caves and used the small streams to carry her onto the flat ledge above the cavern. Swishing her tail like a petulant teenager she stopped suddenly as she spied a small boat, far out to sea. None of the others were around, probably too busy enjoying Poseidon’s party, so she would have the sailor all to herself. She began singing; a sweet, melancholy song of loneliness and despair to lure him closer. Even though he was so far away she saw his head turn in her direction, trying to identify the source of the sound. Crouching below the rocks to hide her lower half she lifted one hand and waved in his direction.

At first he didn’t respond, then his strong arms gripped the oars, and slowly but surely he made his way towards her. Wriggling her way down to the beach she floated near the water’s edge until a strong wave pulled her out to sea. Pretending to flounder she was going down for the third time when he reached out and pulled her into the boat.

‘There, my beauty. I heard your siren’s call and here I am.’

The sea blue eyes of the handsome boatman twinkled as he looked her over, from top to toe, or rather top to tail.

‘My hero,’ she purred, ready to start the song which would hypnotise his mind and drive him onto the rocks.

‘Not so fast, my sweet enticer,’ he murmured, moving suddenly and binding her mouth with strips of sail hidden under the rigging. Before she could react he had her securely bound while he carefully measured her length and girth. ‘Nice and plump. Excellent.’

How dare he? Her glare went unnoticed as he took the mobile phone out of his pocket and made a call.

‘Fred’s fresh fish,’ a cheery voice answered.

‘Hi Fred. Something special tonight. Yes, plenty to go round. I’ll bring her, er I mean it over in about an hour. Soon as I’ve finished gutting and filleting. See you soon.’

And that boys and girls is why Mermaids have become an endangered species.

© Voinks March 2018

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