Publishing and Penguins

One of the great things about the writing community is the opportunity to meet and share with others. This includes not only authors but designers, bloggers, IT experts, film makers and penguins.

Pengiun reading 19.8.18 tux-161406_960_720

As an author I sometimes wonder if the hours and stresses of coming up with something new every week are really worthwhile, then out of the blue it all comes together and it’s happy, skippy dance time. This week has been like that.

It’s very, very early stages but I’m in initial negotiations with a short-filmmaker for a live trailer to accompany my mystery/horror book ‘Murder of Changes.’ The book is only at first draft stage so it’s unlikely to be completed until early next year. Exciting stuff.

Some time ago the contract on one of my earlier books expired and I decided to self-publish under my own imprint. I’m delighted to announce that version 2 of
ABC Destiny’, complete with brand new cover (thanks Paula Harmon) is available this week for pre-order. Here are the links:

ABC Destiny UK

ABC Destiny US

Last but by no means least, I was delighted to have a guest spot on a book bloggers’ site and answer some of her questions. Any one who follows me will know two things: 1) I have a quirky sense of humour and 2) I hate having my photograph taken. Follow the link to see the full post and where the penguins come into it. Warning: It does include a photo of me but it won’t happen very often.

Meet the author Laura blog post

Thanks for dropping by. Next on the agenda:
Write the penguin short story.
Produce the paperback of ABC Destiny.
Buy a new frock for when Hollywood comes calling.

© Voinks August 2018

Val Portelli author page

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