Island of Dreams

It looks as if the very ‘Un-English’ summer is over for this year, but we can still dream of sun, sea and well.. read for yourself . 😀

yacht fisherman Island of dreams cropped 21.7.18 rocky-coast-3416479_1280

The invigorating warmth tingled on my sun-kissed body as I lay on the deck, the gentle fresh breeze keeping me cool and comfortable. The chef had excelled himself at lunch, and after several glasses of succulent, fruity wine my eyelids were drooping. I pondered going for a swim in the sparkling blue waters below, but the gentle sway of the yacht induced a feeling of lethargy.

My book lay unopened on the cushion beside me. It was too much effort for my brain to try and make sense of the words on the page, although I had enjoyed the story during the flight over. Was that really only a few days ago, or was it in a different lifetime?

A splash in the distance disturbed my reverie as I opened my eyes to watch the beautifully toned body perform a perfect dive from the rocks. He entered the water with scarcely a splash, before rippling muscles sliced through the waves as he headed in my direction. Tall, sophisticated, dark and handsome he could have any girl he wanted, but had chosen me to accompany him as we cruised the Med.

Tonight we would be joining his friends for a sumptuous meal before he took me in his strong arms for an evening of dancing and entertainment. My beautiful new gown was hanging in the wardrobe of my guest suite; a perfect match for the diamond earrings he had bought me yesterday as we strolled hand in hand around the designer shops.

In the early hours of the morning we would move on to the Casino. Money was nothing to him; his pleasure was in watching the joy on my face when I won, or commiserating when I squandered some of his gambling chips. As dawn broke we would return to his villa and watch the sun come up before falling into bed to make passionate love. A few hours’ sleep and I would be woken by gentle caresses for a repeat performance. The man was insatiable and I loved every minute of it.

Around noon we would head for the square to people watch as we drank our coffee and decided on our next port of call. Perhaps we would lap up some culture visiting churches and museums before an afternoon swim followed by a siesta. He delighted in showing me his homeland, and the hidden gems unknown to the tourists. He had not been born into wealth but had built up his fortune through hard work and had never forgotten his humble beginnings.

He took as much pleasure in listening to a simple bird song as he did enjoying the trappings of his considerable fortune. Whether in a designer suit, jeans and T-shirt, or as he was now, in white swimming trunks, his perfect body was partly a matter of genes, and partly through keeping himself in shape without becoming a fanatic.

To the outside world he appeared strong and confident, but in our quieter moments he had revealed some of the hardships he had endured before becoming the man he was today. Although eyes swivelled in his direction wherever we went, he seemed oblivious to the opportunities and made it clear there was only one woman in his life, me.

Tonight was the anniversary of the day we first met, and I had seen the small box he had been at pains to keep hidden. My answer would be……

‘Yes. They are on special offer today. That will be £56.82 please. Next.’

Loading my shopping into the car after dashing through the pouring rain, I contemplated the piles of washing waiting for me at home. With just enough to buy some petrol the exotic perfume would have to remain on the shelf, along with my dreams.

© Voinks May 2018

ABC final ebook cover 13.8.18

At least sheltering indoors has given me time to cross one thing off the list of things to do. 😀 I’m delighted to announce that  ‘ABC Destiny’ is available now on Amazon in eBook format.  The paperback should be published next month. 

ABC Destiny Amazon USA

ABC Destiny Amazon UK


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