Bloggers and books for Christmas

For anyone who enjoys reading, a book makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, but how do you choose? Do you trawl through Amazon and pick something in a genre you enjoy?

Perhaps you have a favourite ‘Go-to’ author and hope the recipient has similar tastes?

Books Annabell photo 13.10.18 44025493_10161063454270338_7761210314250518528_n

The big five publishing houses have a difficult decision between balancing the books,  (see the photo above), sticking to the tried and tested, or experimenting in the hope an unknown author will become the next ‘in-thing.’  They often have the contacts, and the funds to push the works of their popular writers until you see the book title everywhere, and decide it must be good.

Independent authors, and those signed to the smaller publishing companies, have a more difficult job in getting their books known. Should they rely on E-books or produce paperback copies which many readers prefer? How does the cost of International postage limit possible overseas sales?

These are all things the author needs to consider, but there is little point in pondering these options if no one knows your book exists.

This is where book bloggers are invaluable. They provide reviews, highlight strengths and weaknesses in the stories for the benefit of other readers, and help to spread the word about books which might otherwise be lost in the plethora of releases.

This week I had the pleasure of being a guest on a bloggers site, and it was heartening to see the responses from their followers. You can read the full interview here:

Whispering stories blog interview

Who knows? You might even find something suitable for Santa to deliver from amongst the books mentioned, and save that last minute buying panic.  😀 

‘Changes’ – Romance.    Layout 1

‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ – A short story collection, ideal for dipping into over the holiday season.           Weird and Peculiar tales 9.5.18

‘Spirit of Technology’ –  Modern fiction with a twist.   Spirit of Technology 30.7.17

ABC Destiny – Contemporary drama.                              ABC final ebook cover 13.8.18

You can find full details of all the books on my Amazon author pages here:

Amazon author page US

Amazon author page UK 

I’d  like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for joining me.

© Voinks December 2018

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