Farewell 2018. Welcome New Year 2019

Traditionally at this time of year it’s an opportunity to look back, and count your blessings and achievements from the previous twelve months.

On a personal note, my long-standing leg injury has become more problematical, but my eye sight has been helped by a cataract operation. Next year should see the other eye sorted, so with a few more bionic bits, I should be good to go for another fifty years. 😀

I missed my usual visit to my ‘second home,’ Malta but it was replaced by a glorious trip to Cyprus for the first of my niece’s weddings. The perfect excuse to celebrate in different countries when guests are spread around the world. Her second wedding a month later  was great, even if London lacked the sunshine and ancient abbey setting of the original. Guess at which venue this photo was taken?   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 The contracts for my two traditionally published books, ‘Changes,’ and ‘ABC Destiny,’ expired, so I self-published an updated version of ABC, and 2019 should see a similar event for ‘Changes.’

ABC Destiny Link

Checking back, I was surprised to realise my novella ‘Spirit of Technology’ was actually published in 2017, not 2018. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Spirit of Technology link

 The inclusion of my short story in the Inner Circle writers’ group collection, published in the Spring, was another highlight for this year. Flashpoint anthology link

Even better, was the release of ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales.’ I first ‘met’ Paula through writers’ groups, we discovered we were on the same wavelength, and the release of our book of short stories in the summer of this year cemented our friendship, as well as proving dragons and unicorns can work together.

Weird and Peculiar tales link   

2018 has been a year of learning and realising the importance of marketing. My sincere thanks go to the book bloggers who have either hosted me as a guest on their blog, or featured fun Q&As to help spread the word. I intended to list the links but was amazed to see there were nearly thirty of them! How generous is that to give up their time and make the effort to support authors, purely for the love of books? Thank you all.

 I intended to release one or two new books by the end of the year, but following feedback from beta readers I realised ‘TJ: Story of a Country Boy,’ needed extending and developing. Watch this space for details of the release date, hopefully in the Spring of 2019. It’s the story of a naïve young man from an insular village, discovering the delights of 1960s Soho.

My other longest WIP to date ‘Murder of Changes,’ is a totally different genre. Having written Romance, Fantasy and modern fiction I wanted to expand into the Mystery/Thriller category. What’s next on the agenda? It might be children’s stories or even erotica. Who knows what the New Year will bring?

Other achievements have been setting up my own publishing imprint

Quirky Unicorn blog link

This was designed as a platform for authors to showcase their own books, and for others involved in the industry to offer their services. Although still in its infancy, it’s an area I want to develop, featuring more authors, editors, bloggers and cover designers on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Meanwhile, I continue to keep the little grey cells ticking over as I write flash fiction stories every week for this blog and my Facebook author page.

Facebook author page 

All that remains to say is a sincere Thank you for following me on this year’s journey, and to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year blog-30..12.18 1886358__340

© Voinks December 2018


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