Valentine’s day, birthday and Country Boy

There’s a lot happening this coming week.
My latest book ‘Story of a Country Boy’ will be published on the 15th February.  😀 
It’s a change from my usual style; a gritty tale of a young man’s dreams, as he leaves the restrictions of his small Mediterranean village, and heads for the bright lights and sleazy side of 1960s Soho, London.

Here are the links:
Country Boy Amazon US
Country Boy Amazon UK

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The 15th is also my birthday, so if you all rush out and buy the book, leave a review and tell all your friends, that would knock 10 years off my age.

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday New Book. Happy Valentine’s day to you all. X

It’s also coming up to Valentine’s day so in return, I’ll leave you with a free short story.

Valentine’s day Chocolates

valentines-day-chocolates 7.2.19 2057745_1280

She used to be my best friend. We’d gone through school together, shared teenage secrets, mooned over boys and finally grown into successful, accomplished women. Our jobs took us to different parts of the country but we never lost touch. At least four times a year we met up and carried on our conversations as if we’d only spoken the day before.

She’d always been beautiful with her shapely figure, sparking blue eyes and long, blonde hair, whereas I was the short, dumpy, nondescript one, but it never occurred to me to be jealous. I was there for her when she needed support after being attacked by her ravishing, but scum bag, latest actor boyfriend, or needed a PJs, wine and chocolate girlie night in.

If I so much as looked at a chocolate I put on half a stone, but they were her secret passion, and she good binge eat them without it affecting her modelling career. As she became more well-known, she started to cancel our regular meet-ups, pleading pressure of work as she sunbathed on a millionaire’s yacht in the Med, but then she would come running back to me for comfort when it all went wrong.

I plodded along in my respectable managerial job, but at least when she appeared on the front cover of Vogue, I could impress my colleagues with my comment that she was my bestie, and bask in reflected glory.

Mike was charming and good-looking but a bit of a dreamer. He ran a small business and I was assigned to look after his financial requirements, which mainly involved tax returns and claiming allowable expenses. He appreciated my expertise but I couldn’t believe my luck when he asked me out on a date. One thing followed another and we became an item. It was Valentine’s day when he took me out for a meal at our local Italian, presented me with a bunch of yellow roses, an engagement ring, and told me he was allergic to chocolate.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist immediately telling Selena my good news and she responded with a text wishing me every happiness. It was three months before the two most important people in my life met. At first I was delighted they hit it off. What more could I ask than to have Mike as my bridegroom and my best friend as my Maid of Honour?

Six months later I was devastated when he dumped me for Selena. In a way I didn’t blame him but she could have any man, why did she take my only love? The papers were full of the hot, top model with her latest squeeze, booking the romantic hotel restaurant where they were going to share Valentine’s day.

I had arranged the delivery of the box of heart-shaped chocolates to their suite, knowing Mike wouldn’t touch them, even if the card read ‘All my love, always, Mike. X’

As I sat alone at home, listening to the clock ticking, I wondered if she would pick her favourite, arsenic laced ones straight away, or save them to savour for later.

© Voinks February 2019

Amazon author page US

Amazon author page UK

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