Book bloggers and ‘Story of a Country Boy.’

As a change from my usual short story, I thought I’d make this week’s blog post about all things authorish. I love writing, get easily inspired with new ideas, and fortunately never suffer from the dreaded writer’s block.

My only problem is juggling marketing, writing and keeping up with the outside world (which is my excuse for spending so long on Facebook.)  😀 Add to that insignificant things like sleep and food, and the need to read books, (all authors should be readers) and a 48-hour day would be good.

gremlin troll 10.3.19 monster-515331_960_720

Did I mention gremlin fighting? These little so-and-so’s hide in your computer, or in the Amazon labyrinth, and when everything is going to plan, rear their ugly heads to cause the worst havoc imaginable. They delight in changing the goal posts and can alter their size at will, so a millionth of an inch has them leaping up and down in glee after shoving your book cover out of sync. A writer needs to be stubborn until they go off and annoy someone else, but finally, this week they allowed the publication of the paperback version of my latest book ‘Story of a County boy.’
Story of a Country Boy USA paperback link
Story of a Country Boy UK paperback link
Country Boy pixels 8.2.19

Perhaps they do have a tinge of conscience, as unexpectedly they sponsored an advert on Facebook. To help even further in spreading the word, whilst I was trying to appease them, four, yes four, fellow authors Seumas Gallacher, Jo Roderick, Jane Maxwell,  and Glen R Stansfield all chipped in to share the news amongst their followers and blogees. Google their names to discover a truly international range of good fiction and non-fiction in various genres.

However good the book, one of the hardest things for authors without the backing and marketing budgets of the big five publishers, is to get their name and work in front of the reading audience, who can decide for themselves if it appeals. I know there are many excellent authors who will despair of ever having their work seen, and their talents will be lost forever as the battle becomes too much.

Charging to the rescue come that intrepid band of warriors known collectively as book bloggers. These are the unsung heroes who buy, read and review books, and act as reader information sources, and unpaid publicity agents for authors. A blurb is intended to attract your attention, but a well-written, impartial review can encourage you to press the ‘buy’ button, or hand over your hard-earned cash, or ‘hot at the seams’ credit card for a ‘must-have’ book.  blog logo 10.3.19 -1677364__340As an author, I was horrified to see and hear the latest trend of ‘blogger-bashing.’ There will always be one bad apple, but the inference that the majority of book bloggers are only in it for the ‘free’ books sent to them by authors and publishers, fills me with despair. To handle the inundation of emails, read a book, compose a thoughtful and intelligent summary, prepare a blog post and share their review to a wider audience takes time and (wo)man-hours. Book bloggers usually have families, full-time work and other commitments, but volunteer their services, free of charge, purely for their love of books.

Simply to prepare this post has taken a couple of hours. What’s in it for me? The hope that you will investigate and buy my books, and possibly leave a review. What’s in it for them? Nothing except the heartfelt thanks of readers and authors.

On my Facebook author page, I posted a short story inspired by a song title and have been inundated with suggestions, so stick around if you want to see what I came up with, or even to offer your own recommendations. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for being here, and see you next week.

© Voinks March 2019


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