Characters, genres and inspiration

You probably realise by now that I write in a variety of genres and formats. Following the recent release of my latest book I’ve been concentrating on marketing and publicity, and it occurred to me that as a writer, how little time I actually spend, well, writing! Val books combined 2.4.19

Inspiration is never a problem, fitting everything into a 24-hour day is. I’m lucky in that it’s my full-time job, unlike some who have to squeeze scribbling their manuscripts in between school trips, demanding bosses, commuting, impossible teenagers and needy families.

It’s hard enough trying to write 1,000 – 2,000 words every week for a short story, let alone editing, formatting, beta reading, Q & As or short pieces for book bloggers, researching (also known as procrastinating), and keeping up with social media to be in touch with what’s happening in the authorish world. Once that’s under some sort of control, it’s time to catch up with everything that’s been neglected in the run up to the big launch – unimportant things such as tax returns, car insurance, food shopping, and even the odd few winks of sleep.

The ideal, of course, is for all this hard work to actually pay dividends by getting your book known, and even better for people to buy it and leave reviews. Does it work? Yes and No. Bearing in mind the number of books available on even one platform, such as Amazon, breaking the one million mark is an achievement in itself. Much depends on genre, the balancing act between being a very small fish in an enormous ocean, such as Romance, or reaching dizzy heights in an obscure category for which readers would never search.

I thought of lobbying for a new genre devoted to the breeding and care of unicorns in a suburban environment, although I’m not sure if it should be listed as fiction or non-fiction. Another dilemma. I’m fairly certain writing my 50,000-word book took less time than coming up with tag lines, blurbs, covers, uploading and registering with the appropriate organisations, responding to emails and blocking the trolls who seem to be my greatest fans.

Actually, that would make a great short story; Unicorns and Dragons bickering amongst themselves until they join forces to overcome the evil Trolls once and for all. The title WOTUD (War of trolls, unicorns and dragons) has quite a ring to it, or would TUDAW (work that one out for yourselves) 😀 be better. Do you see what I mean? This was supposed to be a serious, informative blog post and already it’s gone off at a tangent, and I haven’t even mentioned characters yet.

There’s a thought. I could challenge you to identify one of my characters from a short description. Here’s the first one. Even if you haven’t read the book, he’s been mentioned in a couple of guest blog posts. Anyone want to play along?

Tall, dark, handsome, Gawgus. He appears to be loving and caring but is he hiding something?

Answer next week. Thanks for listening.

© Voinks April 2019


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