Eve of Destruction

Music evokes memories, which gave me the idea of writing a series of short stories inspired by song titles.  This song was released in 1969 but unfortunately, seems equally appropriate today.

The year is 2525. A father and child are discussing history as they eat a meal together.

‘You mean they used to eat plants?’

‘Yes, but first they crushed and contaminated them.’

‘But that’s like eating living things. Don’t tell me they ate each other too?’

‘No, but they did eat animals.’

‘Gross. What else did they do?’

‘Cut down trees to make space for factories to produce their food, so the animals had nowhere to graze. Then cleared more natural areas to build tiny cages to house the animals, while they fattened them up artificially on the diseased plants.’

‘When they killed the animals, did they bury the remains to refresh the soil and continue the life circle?’

‘No, they didn’t re-fertilise the land. They invented plastic to wrap them in so they kept longer.’

‘Oh, so it was the plastic which decomposed and provided the nutrients.’

‘Not quite. Plastic doesn’t break down so they threw it in the sea.’

‘What happened to the fish and other creatures that came into contact with it?’

‘They either became tangled up and died, or they were caught and put on the table for our ancestors to eat.’

‘Wouldn’t that mean they were eating the plastic as well? Didn’t it harm them?’

‘Yes, it did. So they experimented with chemicals to make remedies to try and cure the problems they’d caused.’

‘Surely the chemicals would have come from the polluted ground? I suppose the natural elements were an antidote.’

‘By then, they’d interfered so much with nature even the air was tainted. It was a vicious circle and the whole world was broken. Now, no more questions. Eat your scientifically programmed breakfast and stop asking questions.’

© Voinks February 2019

The answer to last week’s question was ‘TJ’ from my latest book ‘Story of a Country Boy.’
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The question for this week:
He’s over 120 years old, but an expert in technology, and with names that are still popular today. Who is he?
Answer next week. Thanks for visiting.


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