BFOR Blog Blitz and Unicorns

BFOR banner 15.7.19

Regular readers of my blog might be surprised to find it posted on a Saturday morning, rather than the usual Sunday evening. There is a reason for this, but first a couple of questions.

What is a blog tour?
A blog tour is a form of online promotion, where a variety of bloggers are allocated specific dates within a designated time period, to jointly promote a particular book or event. I’m delighted to have been invited to participate in the BFOR BLOG BLITZ, to help spread the word about not just one book, but a whole new category.

What age do you consider ‘old?
The answer to this question might depend on your own age. Imagine these scenarios:

‘With nothing to stop her, Liz packs a suitcase and goes online to book a holiday abroad. Her friends are unable to accompany her, but despite being alone, she savours and enjoys a wealth of new experiences. She learns how to scuba dive, goes kayaking and wind surfing, and falls in love.’

‘Elizabeth pulls her sensible cardigan over her warm tweed skirt, puts on her comfy slippers and makes her way slowly to the kitchen. Her grandchildren are coming to visit and she needs to bake them a cake.’

The beauty of stereo-typing. What if I told you Liz and Elizabeth were both 62? Surprised?

In case you were wondering BFOR stands for ‘Books for Older Readers.’ It was established in October 2017 to promote books with older protagonists, or those taking a second chance on life, and covers a whole range of genres. You can find out more here:

BFOR web site
BFOR Facebook group

At the other end of the scale, you might think unicorns and fairies belong only to the young. Wrong again. As a so-called ‘mature’ author I’ve written several short stories on these themes, and even published a book with a fellow ‘older’ author:

I’m delighted friends and family appreciate that despite being ‘ever so old,’  😀 I am a trend-setter for the current vogue of all things unicorn. Here’s some of my collection:


At the time of writing Amazon have a category for ‘Chick-Lit’ but nothing for the other end of the scale. Perhaps that’s because ‘Older Readers’ have such wide-ranging tastes. Check out some of the books and see if you agree.

Thanks to Claire for inviting me on the tour, and thanks to you all for stopping by.

See you next week.

© Voinks July 2019

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