When everything comes together

Sometimes it can be frustrating for authors to break the cloak of invisibility when entering the publishing world. Long hours are spent writing, editing, revising and endevouring to publicise their work.

There are as many reasons for being a writer as there are genres. Some write purely for their own pleasure and some need to tell a personal story in a desire to help others.

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster, but with mutual support it’s amazing what can be achieved.

I’m delighted to announce that ‘Summer Changes, Winter Tears’ is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of the 22nd November.

Summer changes cover pixels 850 1209 4.11.19 ebook


The story is a romance, but includes many memories of my first visits to the Mediterranean island of Malta, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies.

In the UK this weekend is Remembrance Sunday. Emma Mitchell, of Creating Perfection, has enlisted the services of a variety of authors to contribute to an anthology of Christmas stories, ‘When Stars Will Shine.’ It’s available for pre-order now, and due for release on the 9th December. What makes this book special is that all royalties will go to the Charity ‘Help for Heroes.’

When Stars will shine cover 21.10.19

When Stars will Shine .’ (US and International)
When Stars will shine  (UK)

Older Readers might be interested in a new online magazine ‘Autumn Chickens.’

autumn chickens logo 6.11.19 jpeg

Aimed primarily at readers in mid-life and beyond, it includes articles on technology, climate, books, prize draws, and coping with everything from dementia and teenagers, to divorce and second chances at love.  It’s free to subscribe, and you can find more information here:    Autumn Chickens

Finally, friend and fellow author, Paula Harmon has two new book releases:

Murder Durnovaria                       and                           The Seaside Dragon

Murder Durnovaria 6.11.19 Paula                                                               The Seaside Dragon 6.11.19 Paula

That’s it for this week. Please check out some of the links – the books would make ideal Christmas presents. Thanks for reading.

© Voinks November 2019



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