Reasons to write

Endeavouring to stick to a least one New Year’s resolution, the house is now more or less cleared of chocolate, cakes and other exotic nibbles. What do you mean, ‘Did you eat them?’ How else would I dispose of them? 😁

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The other resolve, to change the theme of my blog, proved more difficult. After several years writing short stories, it was hard to think how to begin. I tend to hide behind my writing persona, but at the same time enjoy knowing more about the people behind the words. Through writers’ groups, and developing friendships with others involved in the publishing world, themes began to emerge.

Many developed a love of writing from a very early age, produced a story, then hid it away in a drawer for years while life intervened. Sometimes major upheavals in their lives provided the catalyst for dusting off their manuscript and wondering ‘What if?’

Often their first publication came about after retirement, when they were able to dedicate the time to learning the many aspects involved with the craft. Others juggled demanding jobs, children and the myriad of life-things, which get in the way of having time to write.

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There are as many reasons to compose a story as there are genres, but it’s surprising how often illness or poor health was a major factor. Some took to putting their thoughts on paper to help them cope when they were diagnosed with life-changing illnesses. Others used their experiences to help others, or to while away the long, lonely hours while they were caring for relatives or bed-ridden partners. Another reason was as a tribute to tell the story of true heroes from their family history, either in the war years, or starting out on an adventure of discovery when settling in a new land.

Fiction includes everything from Chick-Lit to BFOR (Books for Older Readers) which are either written by older authors, or aimed at those in mid-life and beyond.

The introduction of the Kindle introduced a whole new way of reading, and the debate continues as to whether electronic books will ever replace the traditional ‘tree-book.’ Apart from the obvious advantage of storage, they are often preferred by those with arthritic hands, or failing eyesight, as they offer the ability to increase the font size to suit the reader. Another modern development is audiobooks, which can be ‘read’ whilst walking the dog, doing the housework, or travelling on a long journey without causing motion sickness.

Personally, I find it difficult to relate to the spoken word, although they are becoming more popular, and a good narrator can make a world of difference. I love both the convenience of my Kindle, and the feel of holding a paperback, especially if it’s a signed, dedicated copy by an Indie author, to add to my growing collection.

This opens up the whole new topics of traditional versus independent publishing, marketing, reviews, book bloggers, blog tours and writing as a hobby or a full-time career.

Fell free to comment and even tell me a little of your own story if you are a writer, or aspiring author. As I mentioned, it’s a fascinating subject with so many variables, not least the frustration of wasting time deleting spammers. 🤬

Everyone else, I’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to remove all the chocolate.

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See you next week.


© Voinks January 2020.


2 thoughts on “Reasons to write

  1. I can see why people, like audio books if they have to drive long journeys. I don’t drive and doi9ng the ironing or housework I listen to Radio 4. I do love my Kindle because you can read in bed and buy books instantly when you read about them on line.

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